Delta-9-THC Gummies


▲9THC : CBD Gummies

Fully compliant Delta-9-THC Gummies.

Rainbow Candy, Strawberry Diesel, Blue Razz Dreams, and Cherry Lime are a 1:50 ratio (10MG ▲9THC : 50MG CBD)

Blueberry Lemonade, Tropical Blast, & Cherry Berry are a 1:10 ratio (10MG ▲9THC : 100MG CBD)

How is this legal?

Let’s do some quick math:

1 Gummy weighs 5 Grams (5000mg).

The legal limit for Delta-9-THC compliance based on the definition of Hemp in Federal Law is 0.3%.

5000mg (gummy weight) X 0.003% (Federal D9 limit) = 15mg.

The maximum allowable amount of Delta-9-THC in these gummies is 15mg. To stay on the safe side and allow for variance in weight of each individual gummy, these are dosed at 10mg ▲9 THC per gummy.



Blueberry Lemonade, Tropical Blast, Rainbow Candy, Blue Razz Dreams, Strawberry Haze, Cherry Lime


1 Pack (100MG), 2 Packs (200MG), 3 Packs (300MG)


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