Delta 8 THC Gummies - 300MG Bag



Tart Friends – 15 Pieces (20MG ▲8THC Each)

Peach Rings – 6 Pieces (50MG ▲8THC Each)

Cherry Rings – 6 Pieces (50MG ▲8THC Each)

Rainbow Strips – 5 Pieces (60MG ▲8THC Each)

Jolly Fruit – 10 Pieces (30MG ▲8THC Each)

Strawberry Puffs – 10 Pieces (30MG ▲8THC Each)

Watermelon – 10 Pieces (30MG ▲8THC Each)

Octopus – 3 Pieces (100MG ▲8THC Each)

Fruit Slices – 3 Pieces (100MG ▲8THC Each)

Worms – 10 Pieces (30MG ▲8THC Each)

If you would like to mix and match an order of 2 or 3 packs, please make a note of your chosen types at checkout in the ‘Order Notes’!


Tart Friends, Peach Rings, Watermelon Slices, Worms, Octopus, Sour Rainbow Belts, Strawberry Puffs, Fruit Slices, Cherry Rings, Jolly Fruit


1 Pack (300MG), 2 Packs (600MG), 3 Packs (900MG)



Use Code “FIREWORKS22” for 30% Off through 7/11! In-Person Shoppers – Say “Fireworks” at checkout to receive discount!

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