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Located in Aviation Mall in Queensbury, NY, 2Strains has a highly educated staff. Our main goal is to educate people about the benefits of CBD and Hemp. We spend 20 minutes+ talking with many of our customers. We often discuss quite personal issues and problems in their lives. Our biggest joy is to see a person that is at their wits end trying every product available on the market, and coming to us as a last resort only to return some days or weeks later ecstatic that they found something to work for them. That is why we are here.

We carry a range of products for those that are new to CBD to those that are experienced Cannabis users. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come by the store or send an email to care@2strains.com. Our main goal is to help, and we are so grateful to be able to offer a solution to people in our community at the most reasonable prices we can. 

Starting soon we will be offering a number of different classes:

DIY Tinctures, Flower Trimming, Edibles & more. If you are intersted, subscribe to our mailing list and we will notify you when they are available!

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My name is Sammy Foda, and I created 2Strains.  Let me tell you a little bit about how we got here.

When I was 15, a traumatic event brought about a drastic change in my personality.  I became extremely uncomfortable in my own skin and dreaded going to school for fear of judgement.  It was at this time that I discovered the relief that alcohol and marijuana could bring me.   The ages of 18-24 were a blur for me.  What began as “recreational” alcohol and marijuana use escalated quickly.  Soon, the effects I desired were fleeting, only to be captured again for brief periods of time when a new substance was added.  Then, I discovered what I thought was the ultimate relief, Oxycodone.  In a very short period of time I became a different person.  My life was centered around those moments of relief oxy brought me.  All care for others and hopes for the future vanished as I avoided facing my own demons at all costs.  Eventually I began selling drugs. In 2013 I was arrested.  Shortly after, I overdosed two times in three days.  The dates were 7/7 and 7/10 and I remember that because I vividly recall being pissed that I couldn’t get high and go get free slurpees on 7/11.  Hopeless.

I spent the next 3 ½ years going from jail to detox to long-term treatment facility to halfway house, only to relapse within days or weeks of arriving there. Jail.  Detox. Treatment. Relapse. 3 ½ years’ worth of this cycle was defeating.  I couldn’t live with drugs and I couldn’t live without them.  I often reflect on what brought about the sudden acceptance of this situation, rather than continue to fight the awful fight to be able to use drugs successfully.  Maybe being in treatment so long brainwashed me.  But my brain did need washing. 

With the love and support of friends and family, on November 4th, 2019 I had 3 years sober. 

So, what does this have to do with Hemp and CBD?  I wanted you to understand the state of despair and hopelessness I was in.  Drugs and alcohol would work temporarily for me, but I was always “chasing the dragon” so to speak.  As an addict, I believe that any substance which causes impairment that enters my body triggers an almost immediate physical response of craving.  CBD is the only non-impairing substance I have found that provides relief.  I am just one person, and my reports are anecdotal.  By no means do I think CBD cured me.  My recovery wouldn’t be possible without love and family.  But I do feel comfort knowing that if things ever get out of hand emotionally or physically, CBD can be safely used as a tool to help me stay sober during those times.

I created this company with the hope that we could provide people with a safe, natural, and effective alternative to get the relief they need. On November 1st, 2019, we opened our first Brick & Mortar location in Aviation Mall. In the few short months since then, we have met dozens of local farmers from New York and Vermont, as well as expanded our network into Colorado, Oregon, California, Tennessee, Michigan, and North Carolina. We opened our store with the hope that we could educate people about the possibilities of Hemp.  We are now entering the online market in hopes that we can get flower to people who need it everywhere.  If one person out there decides to give this a shot, and experiences relief, then 2Strains has served its purpose.  Thanks for reading.


– Owner

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