Shipping FAQ

Most frequent questions about our shipping process.

Do you offer Discrete Shipping ?

All of our products are shipped in unmarked, brown cardboard boxes. Our label shows our return address with the owners name and a company name of “2S LLC”. Additionally, every package includes a notice to law enforcement authorities, certificate’s of laboratory analysis, and our contact information. All items are placed in an extra layer of smell-proof vacuum seal bags to prevent odor.

I Never Received An Order Confirmation Or Shipping Email?

If you didn’t receive and Order Confirmation email, the most common reason is that the email address was entered incorrectly at checkout. This is far more common than you would think. If you placed an order and see that the charge went through on your account, rest assured that it is processing. Also be sure to check your spam folder, as sometimes shipping emails can be accidentally filtered through there.

When Do You Ship ?

We do our best to pack orders the same day, but at times it does take us 24-48 hours depending on volume. We decided in the beginning not to pre-package any flower, we sometimes sacrifice speed for quality. Shipments are picked up by USPS between 2PM – 4PM EST, and 1PM on Saturday. Saturday orders (unless placed very early) will ship the next business day.

My Tracking Number Hasn't Updated

You will receive an automated email with your USPS Tracking number once we print your label. After that, USPS will pick up your package where it will receive an “Acceptance Scan” at our local USPS facility. From that point it is usually smooth sailing. However, in some cases packages don’t get another scan until arriving in the destination city. We generally don’t have any more information available to us than you do. Please be sure to sign up for text message tracking updates.

I Think My Package Is Lost ?!

We ship every single package with insurance. If your tracking number shows “delivered”, but you haven’t received your package, please contact USPS as a package can be accidentally scanned before delivery. If it doesn’t show up, please reach out. We will send you an email asking you to electronically verify that you haven’t received your package so that we can collect the insurance. Please note, a package needs 20 days to be declared “lost” by USPS. At this point, we will reship your order.

If you believe your package has been lost or stolen, please do the following:

  • Step 1 – Double check that you entered the correct shipping address.
  • Step 2 – Contact USPS. Once the package is with USPS, we don’t have any more information than you do.
  • Step 3 – If you haven’t received your package, we will send you an email to electronically verify that the package is lost.
  • Step 4 – We will reship the package if it hasn’t arrived for 20 days.
Flower FAQ

Most frequent questions about our flower.

Your COA Shows THC > 0.3% ?

COA’s can be tricky to read at first. Many of our strains show a Total THC Content greater than 0.3%. For legality purposes, only Delta 9 THC needs to be less than 0.3% THC. This may change in many states in the coming year, but for now, total THC is not the determining factor for legality. As always, you should check your local laws to verify.

Will Your Products Help With ___________ ?

We don’t make any medical claims about any of our products. All we can offer you is anecdotal experiences that our customers share with us. We highly suggest you do research and/or discuss with your medical professional.

Can I Fail A Drug Test ?

You absolutely may fail a drug test when using CBD products. Although there is only a trace amount of THC in it, prolonged use and/or large doses will allow the THC to build up in your system. Every body is different in the way it metabolizes THC, so we suggest that if you are concerned about testing, you should get an at-home test kit (you can get 20 tests for $15 on Amazon/Walmart) and test yourself regularly. Probation officers may not believe that your positive test came from CBD products. Please, be careful!

What Is Your Best Strain ?

The experience each strain of flower offers is highly subjective. One strain that gives me energy may make someone else feel cloudy-headed, just as some people can drink coffee before bed and others won’t be able to sleep at all.

Where Is Your Flower Grown ?
We source our flower from farms and growers across the country. Some are large scale, multi-acre grows, and some are single-room indoor grows. We don’t grow any flower ourselves (yet), but we have grown close relationships with many of our sources.