Featured Strains

  • Astro Jam (Hydroponic)

  • Stardust CBG (Hydroponic)

  • Sour Hawaiian Haze (Outdoor)

Our Mission

Certain substances and chemicals have the power to produce in us profound psychic, spiritual, and mental changes. The accessibility of Hemp and Hemp derived products is changing the balance ever in our favor to control our own Consciousness and heal how we choose. One thing is clear: Cannabis has the power to truly change lives. Our mission is to help people discover balance and harmony in their own lives through the responsible and safe use of Cannabis and Cannabinoids. The Cannabis Revolution is here – this is just the beginning.

Carefully Curated

Our flower is carefully sourced from across the USA. We require a few things to be necessary first:

  1. Organically grown without using any pesticides or herbicides.
  2. Third-Party Lab Tested.
  3. Proper storage and curing of the finished flower.
  4. Lastly, we hand-trim the flower ourselves whenever possible in order to inspect each and every bud.
2Strains CBD Hemp Rothvoss


Use Code “FIREWORKS22” for 30% Off through 7/11! In-Person Shoppers – Say “Fireworks” at checkout to receive discount!


2strains.com is being professionally updated. The user interface (finding/filtering products, shopping experience) will have a whole new look and feel which will make it much easier to use.

We will also finally have a functioning email platform to allow us to send sales emails much more efficiently. We plan to send 1 email per month.

We will send an email when site updates are complete with a launch sale! We expect this will take another 4-6 weeks. We can’t wait to show it to you all!

Thank you! Safe celebrations.

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