3 – Delta 8 THC Gummies – 300MG Bags


Mix and Match!

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Cherry Rings

Fruit Slices

Jolly Fruit


Peach Rings

Sour Rainbow Belts

Strawberry Puffs

Tart Friends

Watermelon Slices


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Tart Friends – 15 Pieces (20MG ▲8THC Each)

Peach Rings – 6 Pieces (50MG ▲8THC Each)

Cherry Rings – 6 Pieces (50MG ▲8THC Each)

Rainbow Strips – 5 Pieces (60MG ▲8THC Each)

Jolly Fruit – 10 Pieces (30MG ▲8THC Each)

Strawberry Puffs – 10 Pieces (30MG ▲8THC Each)

Watermelon – 10 Pieces (30MG ▲8THC Each)

Octopus – 3 Pieces (100MG ▲8THC Each)

Fruit Slices – 3 Pieces (100MG ▲8THC Each)

Worms – 10 Pieces (30MG ▲8THC Each)

NOTE: We are currently unable to ship ▲8 Products to the following states:

We do not ship products or process orders containing ▲8 to the following states because of State Laws: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, New York, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.  Check your local laws.

Delta 8 may be intoxicating to some, please do not operate a vehicle or machinery while using this product. Consult your healthcare provider for information on possible interactions with medications.

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Tart Friends, Peach Rings, Watermelon Slices, Worms, Octopus, Sour Rainbow Belts, Strawberry Puffs, Fruit Slices, Cherry Rings, Jolly Fruit


1 Pack (300MG), 2 Packs (600MG), 3 Packs (900MG)