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Delta 8-THC Distillate

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Delta 8-THC is a Cannabinoid (like CBD) found in Cannabis Sativa L. Normally found in low quantities in the plant, a relatively new method of isolating Delta 8 has recently emerged. Exact benefits are not fully understood, but anecdotal reports show that it may be analgesic, sedating, and euphoric. Unlike its cousin, Delta 9-THC, Delta 8-THC is Federally legal under the Farm Bill because it is derived from Hemp. Although this is true, this compound may metabolize in such a way that it may be possible to fail a drug test.

1 mL of Delta 8-THC Distillate, now comes in borosilicate glass syringe. Delta 8 has a tree sap-like consistency and can be hard to work with. If you need it to soften up, you can use the warmth from your hands for a few minutes which will make it easier to work with. The glass is heat resistant, so you can also use a hair dryer or heat gun to make it pliable.

NOTE: We are currently unable to ship ▲8 Products to the following states:

We do not ship products or process orders containing ▲8 to the following states because of State Laws: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, New York, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.  Check your local laws.

Delta 8 may be intoxicating to some, please do not operate a vehicle or machinery while using this product. Consult your healthcare provider for information on possible interactions with medications.

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