Delta 9 THC Chocolate Bar


150MG ▲9THC | 150MG CBD

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Delta 9 THC Chocolate Bars in a 1:1 ▲9THC:CBD ratio. The quality of the chocolate itself is what sets these edibles apart – they are made by a small family-operated candy company that’s been in business since 1903.

300MG Total Cannabinoids – 150MG ▲9THC & 150MG CBD divided into 15 pieces.

Coming in at 0.17% ▲9THC by weight, this chocolate falls under the legal definition of “Hemp”.

Edibles can take between 60-120 minutes to take full effect – be patient before indulging in more. Enjoy!

Please Note: Shipping chocolate in the Summer months may lead to melted product. We will do our best to minimize the possibility, but we make no guarantees that the chocolate will not melt at all.

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